What are hook up apps?

No one said that finding someone for a hook up is easy, except if you’re paying someone to act as your date. If you’re not the kind of person who pays for sex, then welcome to the world of dating and hook up apps which have literally put every single person in your area at the disposal of your fingertips.

Thanks to technologically powerful mobile devices that use GPS and location sensing technology, finding a mate, partner, or anyone for sex has become easier. Without leaving your bedroom, you can download these new kinds of apps which are popularly known as adult hookup apps and start finding people to have sex with you.

These apps are so clever that they search for horny men and women in your vicinity and then lets you know who is interested in what. With some luck and skills, you can get touch with one of the members and hopefully get into their bed.

Hookup apps can best be described as Facebook for horny adults. These are essentially social media apps that expand beyond just typical friend-finding features of Facebook and takes it into the realm of fuckbuddies. Using these apps, you can literally make multiple sex partners and enjoy sex with them occasionally without any strings attached.

Since most members on these apps are there to have casual sex, there is nearly no risk of getting into unnecessary emotional relationships. You and your partner have sex and then move on, or the two of you can enter into a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship. Everything is possible on these apps.

If you’re super new to this adult dating and hookup apps scene, we’re here to help you get started. You should be reading the next few paragraphs because if you’re new, you’ll want to follow some top recommendations in order to avoid getting scammed. Trust us, a lot of these apps are nothing more than scam sites and apps in disguise. So here are some of our top recommendations to get you started.

Badoo – Badoo has millions of users from around 190 different countries. Every member shares their profile and photos while searching for a match. The app gives you many ways to find people you may like in a Tinder-like fashion. Swipe right to talk to the girl you like, it’s as simple as that. As a new member, try and get in touch with only verified members to save yourself from catfish profiles.

Bumble – Our second top recommendation is bumble. This apps helps you connect with people in your area. You are automatically matched to random members. Once a member is matched with you, you have only 24 hours to get in touch with them. If they like you, they can do the same. If the two of you don’t get in touch within 24 hours, the profile disappears and a new one appears. The app also features a premium side which allows you to increase the number of profiles shown to you daily.